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Barrington personal injury lawyerGetting hit from behind in a rear-end collision can cause severe injuries and lead to substantial medical expenses. Unfortunately, in Illinois, who ends up paying your post-accident medical bills depends on several factors. An Illinois attorney can help you figure out who is the responsible party for your medical bills for your specific situation.

The Other Driver’s Auto Insurance

If the driver who hit your vehicle carries the state minimum liability coverage, their insurer should pay up to $25,000 total for all medical expenses stemming from the accident. This assumes their policy covers the at-fault driver.

Your Own Auto Insurance

Under your own policy’s medical payments (MedPay) or personal injury protection (PIP) coverage, your insurer will also pay approved medical costs related to the accident up to your selected limits (typically $5,000-$10,000).


Barrington personal injury lawyerBeing involved in a car accident is difficult enough, but finding out the other driver is unlicensed makes it even more troublesome. With no valid license, the at-fault motorist also lacks insurance to cover your damages. 

This complicates the claims process significantly. However, there are still options for recovering compensation after an accident with an unlicensed driver, and an Illinois lawyer can help.

Report the Accident and Unlicensed Driver

Contact the police to file an official report on the accident. Provide details about the other motorist operating without a valid driver’s license. Ask if the responding officer can issue traffic citations to the unlicensed driver for their infraction. The report and any ticket issued helped substantiate that the other party was at fault and driving illegally.


IL injury lawyerMany people assume hiring an attorney is unnecessary for a small fender-bender. However, even minor car accidents in Illinois can lead to injuries and financial burdens requiring experienced legal help. Here is guidance on when to retain counsel after a less serious collision.

Injuries May Not Appear Serious at First

Even low-speed, minor crashes can cause painful soft tissue injuries like whiplash or aggravate preexisting conditions. These injuries are often not immediately apparent and worsen over time. Having a lawyer ensures you receive proper medical documentation of developing symptoms if they persist.

The Other Driver May Blame You

While the accident may seem obviously the other driver’s fault to you, they will likely downplay their responsibility when insurance gets involved. Skilled counsel deals with these disputes and proves your innocence through evidence like crash site analysis and police reports. Do not assume the insurer will see it your way.


Lake County Car Crash Injury LawyerDrunk driving continues to be a problem in Barrington and across the nation. A significant percentage of car accidents resulting in serious and fatal injuries are caused by intoxicated drivers. Illinois law allows drunk driving car accident victims to file a personal injury claim and pursue financial compensation for their damages.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a drunk driving accident, it is important to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced attorney can help you seek compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

How Does a Drunk Driver Accident Injury Claim Work?

When you file a claim for an injury caused by a drunk driver, you will not have to prove that the other driver was negligent or reckless. Illinois considers a drunk driver to be negligent "per se." The police report showing that the driver was under the influence will establish negligence. However, this does not mean that the process of recovering compensation will be easy.


shutterstock_161718998-min.jpgCar accidents occur in Illinois and across the world for countless reasons. Sometimes, it does not matter how careful you are behind the wheel, mistakes by other drivers can lead to a collision. If you are involved in a car accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your vehicle damage, medical expenses, and other losses. We will break down the common types of car accidents in the state of Illinois below.

Driver Error

Driver error is one of the leading causes of car accidents in Illinois. Distracted driving is a major issue, as it can easily lead to collisions. Some of the types of distracted driving are:

  • Texting, talking on the phone, and checking social media


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