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Wrongful Death Claim Filed Against Highland Park Shooting Gun Manufacturer

 Posted on July 09, 2024 in Wrongful Death

IL injury lawyerThe Highland Park, IL, July 4th Parade shooting in 2022 sent shockwaves throughout the state. Seven victims lost their lives when a 21-year-old opened fire. Another 48 people were injured in the shooting. The suspect was apprehended eight hours after the shooting and charged with seven counts of first-degree murder and 48 counts of attempted murder. While a wrongful death claim was the last thing on the minds of the family members, two years later, such a claim has been filed.

While justice can be elusive in the criminal arena, another type of justice may be possible for victims and their families. HB0218, the Firearm Industry Responsibility Act (FIRA), was signed into law by Governor Pritzker in August 2023. FIRA holds gun manufacturers accountable when they knowingly use unsafe marketing practices to cause harm.  

If your loved one died as the result of another’s negligence, you should contact a Barrington wrongful death attorney from Barrington Injury Attorneys, who can help you file a claim for damages. When you have a skilled lawyer who will advocate for you and your family, you can take the time you need to grieve your loss.

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What to Do if You Share Fault in a Motorcycle Accident

 Posted on June 12, 2024 in Car Accidents

IL accident lawyerThe aftermath of a motorcycle accident can be daunting, especially when you believe you may share some fault in the incident. If you find yourself in this situation, it is helpful to understand your rights and the steps you should take to protect your interests. An Illinois lawyer can help you determine the necessary steps if you are partially at fault in a motorcycle accident.

What You Should Know About Illinois’ Comparative Fault Laws

Illinois follows a system of modified comparative fault, which means that you may still be able to recover damages, regardless of whether you hold partial fault for the accident. However, your percentage of fault must be less than 51% for you to be eligible for compensation. If your fault is determined to be 51% or more, you will be barred from recovering any damages.

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What Needs to Be Established for a Successful Dog Bite Claim?

 Posted on May 17, 2024 in Premises Liability

Barrington dog bite injury lawyerAfter being attacked or bitten by a dog, you may want to pursue legal action against the owner. Dog bites are a matter of premises liability, and the owner or person responsible for the dog during the attack may be liable for your injuries.

As you pursue a dog bite claim, a few elements must be established in your case to give you a strong chance of success. An experienced Illinois dog bite injury lawyer can help investigate the details of your case and advocate for the compensation you may be entitled to.

Establishing Your Dog Bite Claim

Illinois utilizes strict liability in dog bite cases, which means that the dog's owner is responsible for any injuries that his or her dog causes. If the dog's owner is not present, the non-owner who has assumed responsibility for the dog may be liable instead.

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Can I Sue After an Injury in an Illinois Restaurant?

 Posted on April 16, 2024 in Premises Liability

Cook County premises liability lawyerThough most trips to restaurants around the Illinois area are fun and relaxing experiences, injuries and accidents do happen at restaurants, and they can have serious consequences. It may be possible to sue after an injury occurs in an Illinois restaurant. However, you must prove that the restaurant staff or owner acted negligently or recklessly, causing your injury. An experienced Illinois premises liability lawyer can help you determine if you have a case against the restaurant where you were injured.

Common Restaurant Injuries in Illinois

While restaurants are generally safe, accidents and incidents sometimes result in illness or injury. Restaurant owners and staff must ensure that they uphold their duty of care to guests by warning of hazards and keeping both interior and exterior areas properly maintained. Failure to do this or acting recklessly and putting guests in harm's way can result in liability for the injuries that visitors may sustain in an accident.

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Can I Sue After Being Injured on Illinois Public Transportation?

 Posted on March 17, 2024 in Personal Injury

Cook County, IL public transit injury lawyerWhile public transportation is generally considered safe in Chicago and surrounding areas, unfortunate accidents and injuries do sometimes still occur. Victims of serious injuries or the families of victims of wrongful death caused by a public transportation accident may be able to sue for compensation. A skilled Illinois public transportation attorney can help you explore your legal options.

Who Is At Fault If I Am Injured on Illinois Public Transportation?

Illinois public transportation operators, such as Pace, Metra, and the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), are subject to common carrier law. Under this law, any common carrier may potentially be held liable for a public transportation accident that results in injury and occurs due to the negligence of operators or failure to uphold duty of care to ensure safe transportation of passengers.

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Can I Receive Compensation After a Distracted Driving Accident?

 Posted on February 14, 2024 in Car Accidents

Lake County, IL personal injury lawyerBeing involved in a distracted driving accident can result in severe injuries and victims of distracted driving accidents often have to deal with expensive medical bills and repair costs. It may be possible to receive compensation after a distracted driving accident if you wish to pursue a claim in court. An experienced Illinois car accident attorney can help you navigate this process and advocate for you.

What Is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving is a dangerous way to operate a motor vehicle, and any individual in a car, truck, or motorcycle may engage in distracted driving. The most common ways to be distracted while driving include:

How to Strengthen a Complex Workplace Injury Case

 Posted on January 19, 2024 in Car Accidents

IL injury lawyerWorkplace injuries can leave employees unable to work and struggling financially. When an injury case is complex, successfully proving negligence and securing adequate compensation can be challenging. However, with the right approach, complex cases can be strengthened with the help of an Illinois personal injury lawyer.

Gather Extensive Evidence from the Outset

The more evidence you collect for a complex workplace injury early on, the better. As soon as possible after the incident, take detailed photos of the unsafe conditions that caused the injury, preserving evidence before the employer can alter the scene. Obtain coworker statements on what transpired while events are fresh in their minds. Request to review inspection reports, training procedures, safety manuals, and the employer’s insurance information to uncover what safety lapses may have occurred.

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What to Do If You Got Attacked By a Dog That Got In Your Yard

 Posted on December 22, 2023 in Personal Injury

IL injury lawyerIf you got bit by a dog that ventured onto your property, you have likely already taken immediate actions like seeking emergency medical treatment and reporting the incident to local animal control authorities. However, holding negligent dog owners fully accountable for the physical and emotional harms their animals cause often requires experienced legal guidance to successfully resolve. An Illinois personal injury lawyer can help you figure out the next step that makes sense to take for your specific case.

Gather Identifying Details

If you have not already, identify distinguishing characteristics of the attacking dog - breed, colorings, collar name tag, or physical markings - plus gather witness observations about that neighborhood animal roaming previously to help authorities link episodes definitively. Also, preserve any photos capturing identifying features. Vet reports describing bite wounds further corroborate matching attributes to a specific pet for building your case.

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Who Pays Your Medical Bills After Being Rear-Ended in Illinois?

 Posted on November 16, 2023 in Car Accidents

Barrington personal injury lawyerGetting hit from behind in a rear-end collision can cause severe injuries and lead to substantial medical expenses. Unfortunately, in Illinois, who ends up paying your post-accident medical bills depends on several factors. An Illinois attorney can help you figure out who is the responsible party for your medical bills for your specific situation.

The Other Driver’s Auto Insurance

If the driver who hit your vehicle carries the state minimum liability coverage, their insurer should pay up to $25,000 total for all medical expenses stemming from the accident. This assumes their policy covers the at-fault driver.

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What to Do if You Are in an Accident With an Unlicensed Driver

 Posted on October 17, 2023 in Car Accidents

Barrington personal injury lawyerBeing involved in a car accident is difficult enough, but finding out the other driver is unlicensed makes it even more troublesome. With no valid license, the at-fault motorist also lacks insurance to cover your damages. 

This complicates the claims process significantly. However, there are still options for recovering compensation after an accident with an unlicensed driver, and an Illinois lawyer can help.

Report the Accident and Unlicensed Driver

Contact the police to file an official report on the accident. Provide details about the other motorist operating without a valid driver’s license. Ask if the responding officer can issue traffic citations to the unlicensed driver for their infraction. The report and any ticket issued helped substantiate that the other party was at fault and driving illegally.

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