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What to Do If You Got Attacked By a Dog That Got In Your Yard

 Posted on December 22, 2023 in Personal Injury

IL injury lawyerIf you got bit by a dog that ventured onto your property, you have likely already taken immediate actions like seeking emergency medical treatment and reporting the incident to local animal control authorities. However, holding negligent dog owners fully accountable for the physical and emotional harms their animals cause often requires experienced legal guidance to successfully resolve. An Illinois personal injury lawyer can help you figure out the next step that makes sense to take for your specific case.

Gather Identifying Details

If you have not already, identify distinguishing characteristics of the attacking dog - breed, colorings, collar name tag, or physical markings - plus gather witness observations about that neighborhood animal roaming previously to help authorities link episodes definitively. Also, preserve any photos capturing identifying features. Vet reports describing bite wounds further corroborate matching attributes to a specific pet for building your case.

Review Animal Enclosure and Restraint Laws

Illinois statutes require dog owners to ensure their animals remain securely confined indoors or within enclosed yards able to reasonably prevent escapes. Research your local animal control laws to see if non-compliance contributes evidence against the owner for enabling the attack on you. Even previous loose dog violations or warnings to the owner demonstrate negligence.

Consider Past Owners’ Awareness of Aggression

Did the attacking dog’s owner know about prior biting incidents or aggressive tendencies? If previous victims have reported strikes or neighbors warned about intimidating barking and lunging, it further proves the owner poorly contained a pet they knew or should have known posed attack dangers when roaming unsupervised. Reviewing for earlier red flags builds the claim against liable parties.

Seek Legal Representation

To successfully hold dog owners civilly and financially liable for bites inflicted by their pets trespassing on your property, seek legal help from an attorney. They handle correspondence with insurance adjusters, preserving supporting evidence from medical providers, property managers, animal control, and witnesses while determining fair compensation for physical damages, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering based on case specifics. This alleviates difficulties for victims still recovering. Trusted legal guidance can help empower you to demand justice after neighbor pets cross property lines and cause harm. Recouping rightful restitution may help ease burdens.

Contact a Barrington, IL Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you got bit by a dog, working with a Cook County, IL criminal defense attorney can help figure out the next steps. Call Barrington Injury Attorneys at 224-900-HURT for a free consultation.

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