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Have You Been Injured by Truck Cargo in an Accident?

 Posted on January 10, 2023 in Personal Injury

Barrington truck crash injury lawyersWe all rely on the work of truckers, from getting food to the grocery stores to medications on pharmacy shelves. Trucks move some 70 percent of all sellable merchandise nationwide. But being on the roads does not come without risk. In 2020, about 4,840 fatal crashes involved large trucks. What makes these truck accidents so dangerous is their mere size and the cargo they carry. Sometimes that can include pallets, objects, and even dangerous chemicals that wind up on the road. If you are involved in an accident and injured due to a truck driver’s negligence, you could be entitled to compensation.

When Cargo Becomes a Road Hazard

When truck drivers operate their vehicles carelessly and negligently they are dangerous to other drivers on the roads. A big part of their responsibility is to ensure that their cargo does not shift or spill out of the truck onto the roadway and pose a hazard. The cargo must be secured so it does not move around, even at high speeds. In a truck crash, a trailer door may open, and cargo can spew across the highway. Drivers on the road may not be able to react in time and stop, causing a chain-reaction crash. Loose or shifting cargo can also lead a truck to become unbalanced and difficult for the driver to control. 

If a truck is carrying toxic chemicals, a crash that causes a chemical spill is also a serious safety concern for residents and cleanup crews. Sometimes, the exposure can last for days or weeks, causing additional injuries. Flammable or explosive loads could ignite in a crash, possibly leading to an explosion or fire that causes widespread injuries and damage.

Proving That a Truck Driver Was Negligent

In most cases, cargo spills in an accident can be prevented by not overloading the trucks with cargo and making sure that truck drivers operate their vehicles safely. When mistakes occur, it is often due to negligence. With the help of an attorney, you could hold the driver or the employer liable for the damages of your injuries. If you suffered injuries in a truck cargo crash and hope to collect compensation, you must prove the following legal elements:

  • The truck driver or trucking company negligently violated their duty of care to operate the truck safely
  • The negligence caused the accident or chemical spill
  • You suffered one or more physical injuries
  • The injuries directly resulted from a truck accident or cargo spill

People who sustain injuries in an accident involving a truck crash have the burden of proof to be able to recover damages. Seeking initial medical treatment is important and it also shows the insurance company that your injuries are serious if you decide to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit for damages in the future.

Contact a Barrington Truck Accident Lawyer

If you are injured by cargo in a truck accident, a skilled Cook County truck accident attorney can gather the necessary information while you focus on making a full recovery. At Barrington Injury Attorneys, we will investigate how the accident occurred and do everything possible to help you get the compensation you deserve. Call 224-900-HURT for a free consultation.



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