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Can I Sue After Being Injured on Illinois Public Transportation?

 Posted on March 17, 2024 in Personal Injury

Cook County, IL public transit injury lawyerWhile public transportation is generally considered safe in Chicago and surrounding areas, unfortunate accidents and injuries do sometimes still occur. Victims of serious injuries or the families of victims of wrongful death caused by a public transportation accident may be able to sue for compensation. A skilled Illinois public transportation attorney can help you explore your legal options.

Who Is At Fault If I Am Injured on Illinois Public Transportation?

Illinois public transportation operators, such as Pace, Metra, and the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), are subject to common carrier law. Under this law, any common carrier may potentially be held liable for a public transportation accident that results in injury and occurs due to the negligence of operators or failure to uphold duty of care to ensure safe transportation of passengers.

Additionally, other parties may be found at fault for an injury or wrongful death in such an accident, including:

  • The driver or conductor of the bus or train

  • The manufacturer of the bus or train

  • Other drivers or operators of vehicles around the bus or train

  • Another passenger on the bus or train

  • Maintenance operators or service workers for public transportation

How Do I Pursue a Claim Against Illinois Public Transportation?

Claims against Illinois public transportation entities can be complex, as you may find that you need to pursue your claim against a government department or agency like the CTA. Once you receive medical attention for your injuries, it is important to start gathering details about the public transportation accident, including official accident reports, camera footage, witness statements, hiring records for public transportation operators, maintenance records, and documentation of any injuries received.

Dealing with all of this information might feel overwhelming, and it may be difficult to obtain these details by yourself. The guidance and expertise of a skilled Illinois public transportation accident attorney can help you secure the evidence and information needed to pursue a claim and receive compensation.

Contact a Cook County, IL Public Transportation Accident Attorney

Serious injuries can occur in a public transportation accident, and it takes the assistance of an experienced Barrington, IL public transportation accident lawyer to help victims navigate the specifics of these intricate cases.

At Barrington Injury Attorneys, our attorneys understand how severe a public transportation accident can be. We always put our clients first and are dedicated to advocating for our clients’ legal rights and maximum compensation. We care deeply about honesty, hard work, and quality of service and never take shortcuts in our approach to fighting for our clients. Call 224-900-HURT for a free consultation.

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